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« current iOS devices on HSPA+ registering as “4G”


As the Apple Store tries to come back up we’re starting to get some details including pricing for 4G iPads. Both carriers match their 2GB and 5GB /month prices at $30 and $50 respectively.  AT&T offers an additional low end $15 250mb plan while Verizon has a monster 10GB for $80 plan.Chanel iPhone 4 Case|Chanel iPhone 4S Case

Update: We’re told that AT&T is actually offering 3GB for $30 – we’ve updated the graphic above.

On that note, you may be asking yourself which carrier to go on.  I’ve been testing AT&T and Verizon’s LTE for awhile now in NYC and AT&T’s is faster (probably because only a few Android users are using it so far).  However, that could change once the iPad hits the streets.  On the other hand, Verizon’s LTE network is more mature and available in many more cities currently.Gucci iPhone 4 Case|Gucci iPhone 4S Case

If you aren’t in LTE land, AT&T’s network is much speedier especially with the new iPad radios which allow for “faster than iPhone” 21Mbps.Burberry iPhone 4 Case|Burberry iPhone 4S Case

Speaking of faster iPhone, HSPA+ is now called “4G” on current iPhones.  Perhaps confusing, AT&T has been lobbying for this for months.

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