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« New Java-Based Malware Targets Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Case, But Threat Level Disputed

Yesterday, Mac antivirus firm SecureMac issued an alert
regarding a new piece of malware capable of infecting systems running Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Case by using a trojan horse method of entry to deploy a Java-based payload enabling
a wide variety of nefarious functions.

The trojan horse, trojan.osx.boonana.a, is spreading through
social networking sites, including Facebook, disguised as a video. The trojan is
currently appearing as a link in messages on social networking sites with the
subject “Is this you in this video?”

When a user clicks the infected
link, the trojan initially runs as a Java applet, which downloads other files to
the computer, including an installer, which launches automatically. When run,
the installer modifies system files to bypass the need for passwords, allowing
outside access to all files on the system. Additionally, the trojan sets itself
to run invisibly in the background at startup, and periodically checks in with
command and control servers to report information on the infected system. While
running, the trojan horse hijacks user accounts to spread itself further via
spam messages. Users have reported the trojan is spreading through e-mail as
well as social media sites.

Rival antivirus firm Intego responded
with a notice of its own, downplaying the imminent threat from the malware due
to the fact that it does not appear to be functioning as intended.

While Intego has evidence of several infections in the wild, we
are not currently able to go beyond this step, as either the malicious malware
has bugs preventing it from running correctly, or the servers it contacts are
not active or are not serving the correct files.

Potentially, if it
installs correctly, it functions the same as the Koobface worm running on
Windows. It runs a local web server and an IRC server, acts as part of a botnet,
acts as a DNS changer, and can activate a number of other functions, either
through files initially installed or other files downloaded subsequently. It
spreads by posting messages on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, usually trying to
get people to click a link to view some sort of video.

While this is an
especially malicious piece of malware, the current Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Case implementation is
flawed, and the threat is therefore low.

Both companies have conveniently
noted that they offer products capable of identifying and eliminating the
malware, although users without protection software should be alerted by the
malware installation generating a Designer iPhone 4 Cases dialog box regarding the attempted action.

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